Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 3 spiritual bodies

The first body is our mind which carries our reflections and our emotions.

The second body is our soul. It is feminine for men and masculine for women. It is  astral by nature, not lying within ourselves but around us, near by. When it comes into us, it lies into our heart. It has two functions. To begin with, when we die, it soaks itself in our mind, as a rubber stamp would with ink, and brings it in front of our divine soul, which then judge and send us to wherever we deserve to go. (see the six kingdoms of reincarnation)
The other function is in regard to magic. For those who are gifted, it carries them into the astral world, and help them to pursue their wisdom or their quest for power.

The third body is our divine soul. It is androgynous, but is predominantly masculine for men and feminine for women. It is the ultimate door to the Totality, the Non-Being. It welcomes the most deserving of us as Buddha.

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