Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sports and games

I don't like sport. Not the sport we practice ourselves, and that is beneficial for our health, but the sport that we watch in front of our tv. It is part of the vaster network of games.
This is an old adage that the Roman emperors knew of : give the games to the people with a little bit of bred and the people will bow to you. By then, they were talking about the circus games, where the gladiators were slaughtering each other for the pleasure of the spectators. 
Today, they have been replaced by football, tennis, or rugby players, and so many others. 
Our masters have given us the games with a little bit of food, and we bow in front of them. Because a man that is more preoccupied to know who will win the next game season, is not someone who wonders why he is being so screwed by those who rule him.

Here is a good documentary about how much we are being screwed and that has parts that show what my present article means :

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