Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tell me God.

"Tell me God, why is there so much war in this world?"
"Would you like peace and harmony to prevail in this world?"
"Well of course, isn't it what we all want?"
"Maybe you were born in the wrong world. You should have been born in paradise, next to me. Here lies peace and harmony. Where you live, is the Middle Earth, where Heaven and Hell are fighting for your soul, the first to save it and the second to damn it.
And suppose I come down to Earth and impose peace and harmony, don't you think it would be to the expense of your free will? Isn't it what all tyrannic societies try to impose?"
"And what about the natural disasters? Why do you send them on us?'
"I don't. Mother Nature does. She is tired of being reaped apart and devoured by your insatiable voracity"
"Why did you made us so unequal?" 
"I did not, the Devil did"
"What is the Devil, then?"
"It's my dark side. Didn't you know that Heaven and  Hell are the two sides of a same coin?"
"And what is this coin?"
"Man, of course."

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