Monday, November 24, 2014


The western society is dominated by two trends of beliefs, even thought, they are not the only two. 

In the first trend, there are those who believe that the spirit results from matter. They are called the evolutionists with a materialist way of thinking. First, a tiny ball, which contain all the universe principles, explodes as a massive Big Bang. It expands, creating on the way, the galaxies, the suns and the planets. After all the conditions have been set, life (and therefore the spirit) appears under a simple form, evolving toward an increasing complexity.

The second trend believes that matter emanates from the spirit. They are called the creationists with a spiritual way of thinking. First there is God (the pure Spirit) who creates haven and earth, then gives them consistency by calling up the light. The rest follows as described in the Book of Genesis.

Personally, I believe that spirit and matter came together, but that spirituality first predominated, and that we regressed toward materialism.
Can you see the everest?

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