Friday, November 28, 2014

Woman and Man

I think the woman is superior to man with some qualities and that man is superior to woman with other qualities and that when they get together they complete each other. But to be able to achieve that they must love one another, and be soul mate.
How do you know when you find your soul mate? Well, first you don't. It takes time to figure it out. Together you build your relationship and when the sex attraction is over, this is when you know, if you want to keep going or not with your partner. 
The relationship then evolve in an understanding of the other,that is beyond words, sometime, even, being able to read each other's mind or having the same thought at the same time, among many other little things.
Fighting is part of the couple, as we don't always adjust to the other, one often trying to dominate the other, but eventually, we adjust to one another and we carry on until death parts us. 

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