Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The origin of fear

What is the origin of fear? Is it coming from the fact of losing something, or maybe someone? There seems to be so many of them with so many different reasons. Could it be that there is a primordial cause? Like the fear of death? Does it origin all the other fears? But what about the one who is not scared of dying anymore, does he stop fearing completely? 
And for those who commit suicide, does it mean that they're not afraid of death anymore? But then why do they kill themselves? Is it because, since they don't fear death, then maybe they are looking for it? 
I suppose that for those who believe in god, and therefore Hell and Paradise, or for those who believe in reincarnation, the fear of death is less strong than for those who believe that there is nothing after death. For them death is probably a terrifying thing. But then why those who believe either in god or in reincarnation still have fears? Do they fear god, or hell, or to have a bad reincarnation?
Then maybe the fear of death is not the primordial fear. But then what could it be? Maybe the fear of suffering. This one is universal. And the physical pain is among the least painful.

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