Monday, January 26, 2015

Tsunami 4

Days would go by, but would never be the same. Lunch could be purchased in a convenient store such as 7 eleven. On the way, the bus would stop and we would have time to by it. We could also decide to go to the restaurant and have a nicer meal, even if more expensive (and not that more).
Many restaurants and stores were in those prefabricated temporary buildings, forming shopping centers

Soup from a different restaurant. This was not the only meal, but it was quite good
Over there, eating in those temporary houses was the only option as the town was in ruin.
And this is two years later
There is a tragic story about that building. The day of the tsunami, many people went to take refuge in there.
They went to the first floor, thinking it would be safe (shown below).

Pay attention to the exposed beams ceiling
The wave height was, in this area, about 20 meters, and up to 30 meters in some localized areas. The water reached the level of the exposed beam ceiling bottom, leaving a tiny space of air between the water level and the ceiling. Those, who were not already drowned, swam toward that space trying to get a puff of air. Mothers were holding their child head in that small space, so they could breath, while themselves were drowning. And with their mother no longer supporting them, many of these kids followed the same path... May their soul rest in peace. 
Only those who went on the roof survived
that story was told to me by that man on the right (picture above). 
The torn cage of an elevator. Behind the door, on the right, it is said there is a ghost...
Ground floor
Strange outfits in a solitary ground level room
April was the month of the cherry blossom. The Japanese call that event Haname. The tree are named Sakura. It's a quite nice event that marks the beginning of spring.
It comes later than in Tokyo in this region. 
And yet, we also had a day of snow.

Sometime, after work, I would come to this place to buy some taiyaki (over there they call it by another name, which I forgot). It's a kind of cake with a nice shape, like a fish shape, stuffed with red bean paste. They also stuff it with custard cream which I found yummy. The restaurant was run (and probably still is) by two charming ladies.

I said I would talk about a festival in the previous post, but I'll talk about it next time. That and other stuffs.

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