Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A strange vision

In November 1994, I became very ill: malaria. (for more detail see here). As I was dying, I had a strange vision, a vision of Paradise. It was a combination of white thick clouds on a blue background. I felt in my body a warm wellbeing. Then, I turned around and saw Hell. It was all black, mixed with red thick clouds (smoke maybe?). In front red, orange or yellow bubbles were floating. I felt a physical pain associated with stress, caused by sensual desire. I could hear a voice in my head explaining to me this vision. Then I was back in my room.
Being that sick, got me into this hallucinogenic state. But, as the doctor, who treated me, told me, I got really close to death. Maybe then, did I have a glimpse of what was Paradise and Hell?

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