Saturday, April 4, 2015


Money does not give us happiness, but is a big help to reach it. Does it? No. It only create the illusion of happiness.
Then, what makes us happy? Probably the love that we give to one another.

Don't you think, that a family, with no much money but whose members share love toward one another, will live a more happy life, than a wealthy family whose members are tearing each other apart. 

Of course, there might be wealthy family that love each other. But do you think it's money or love aspect that bring them happiness? Maybe you can imagine what would make them more sad: losing their money, or losing their love?

And what is love? We all know the love that a man and a woman feel to each other. But there are many way of expressing love. 

Friendship, trust, friendliness, fondness, compassion, impartiality (spare the rod and spoil the child), detachment (but not indifferent), relaxing, responsibility, being helpful, being supportive, and so on, are all ways of expressing love.

On the other hand, enmity, distrust, greed, meanness, pride, jealousy, attachment, stress,  irresponsible selfishness, not caring, etc. are all ways of expressing hatred.

Love and hatred, the two sides of the same coin which are fueling all the respective passions.

I believe that happiness as well as sadness are generated only by ourselves, and that a person full of love is certainly more happy that one full of hatred. 

Of course man is a bit more subtle than a mere full hatred or full love and houses both feelings. Then it becomes a matter to feel what predominate in ourself: our love or our hatred.

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