Friday, May 8, 2015


We all know that karma is pictured by a wheel. We call it the wheel of destiny or the wheel of karma. Even though Karma and destiny are understood in a different way.
But what is the meaning of this wheel  ? Well, it rotates. When we are at its bottom, we feel bad, we perceive this world in a negative way. Everything is pitch black, so full of despair. On the other hand, when we're on top of it, everything is so bright, so good and so enjoyable. A wold full of hope.
But our frame of mind never remain in the same place. We switch from one place to another, alternating endlessly. For some these moment of happiness or sadness seem to take forever as for other they go across as if they rode a roller-coaster. Why ?
Maybe it's the distance they are from the wheel's center. The heavier our karma is, the furthest we are from it. Consequently it take a longer time to travel back and forth. But what we feel is so intense that it can sometime become unbearable. Inversely, when we are close to the center, our karma is light as a feather, we then travel much faster from haven to hell, but the feeling is light and we barely notice it. 
Finally, I believe, the goal is to stand in the center of the wheel, where the sensational disappears and serenity, peacefulness and stability take over, a precondition that lead to freedom and Buddhahood.

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