Friday, June 5, 2015

Good, Evil and Nature

What is man made of? Meat and bones, but everybody knows that. Its spirit comprises the intelligence: the capacity to understand the world that surrounds us and to learn what we don't know yet. Its heart includes the emotions such as our defects and our qualities.
What are defects? Well, among many others, there are greed, jealousy, hatred or pride. As for qualities: tenderness, impartiality, love or compassion are some among many.  
A man is not entirely evil, nor completely good but is a combination of all his qualities and his defects: their distribution is distinguished in each individual (according to their karma?).
What define an evil man is that the sum of all his defects dominates the sum of all his qualities and inversely for a good man. 
Now, instead of applying this to only a man, do it for the whole human race and check which is the most dominant as a whole. I will say then, that God is the result of all human qualities and the Devil is the source of all defects. Then you can see which of evil or good predominate.
In the light of this, I can understand in the book of revelation the claim that, in the end, Satan will rule the world. 
But don't believe I am religious. I believe in Man and by defending God, I become a bit the Devil's advocate.
I decided to apply that to what man is doing to nature. I believe that destroying nature is the most evil thing man can do, because when nature will be wiped out, then so will be humanity. There are no other worlds to dwell. We are devouring it to satisfy our insatiable voracities. And if there are many people who try to protect our environment, I don't think there are enough of them to make the difference. Their numbers might be increasing, but will it be fast enough to protect nature in the face of destruction?

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