Monday, June 15, 2015


Everybody knows about the pyramid on the one dollar bill. Some  say that this pyramid is a Masonic symbol and that the eye represent the almighty Great Architect, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient : in another word, God. But there are plenty other explanations and I don't know them all.

As for me, I see it another way: that pyramid represent Humanity. The elites stand on the top and the base is the people. The elites can see everything, know everything and command. they are composed, in part, of people with superior intelligence and a heart made of steel. For them, the end justify the means and the ideal they want to reach is worth sacrificing the great majority of the plebe, the cowardly herd, enslaved, stupid and so easy to manipulate. 

The people don't see anything, don't know anything and  are obedient. But the people have kept their heart and some wisdom. therefor, we can say that people are closer to the light than the elites despite all the imageries they display to affirm the opposite. 

The big tragedy of this pyramid is the gap between the top and the base. That shows the gap between the elites from their people. When the summit will reunite (if it ever does) with its base, then humanity will be whole again and enter a new Golden Age. 

Finally, I think the pyramid is wrong sided. The way I see it truly is, is this way:


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