Thursday, July 2, 2015


What is reality ? I believe there are as many realities as there are living beings around the world. 
Here is an example, I would like to introduce. I was reading a book telling a story about a woman who was being possessed by an evil spirit. She, her father and an exorcist were convinced about it. But a female doctor had a different view: she believed that the woman made up herself that spirit possessing her, in short that she was schizophrenic.

Who do you believe is right ? It's a difficult problem. One has a spiritual approach with the introduction of spirit, gods and demons, heavens and hells and so on. The other offer some materialistic explanation (and therefor rational) saying that the mind is tricking itself. 

Two different views to to perceive then understand the world in order to conceive and explain its reality. We forge this reality according to the perception and understanding of ourself (our capacities and our limits) in regard of the universe that surrounds us as well as our aspirations that result. This understanding is built on our senses, our education and our level of consciousness (the amount of intelligence combined with our hearth and our emotions which makes our state of mind) and the strength (or weakness) of our personality (that result in part from our reactivity, our creativity, our determination and so on). We could say that reality is what we make it of.

What about objective reality ? There is first a worldwide reality perceived by the vast majority of us and run by a more of less homogeneous collective level of consciousness. 
There are national divergent realities run by education and various propagandas (can the Russians see the same reality as the westerners or the Chinese ? for example).  Finally there are regional realities run by ancestral traditions. 

But for a total objective reality it would require a being with a total objective mind (if such being exist) so it could show us what this reality is.

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