Sunday, July 5, 2015

The beast

Our consumer society is like a beast of seven heads (as in the Revelation Book). Each head represents a nation that influenced humanity leading to where it is today. There are also ten horn representing ten men or women that influenced mankind in the same manner.
Who were those nations and these men is matter of opinion and mine is not relevant. It's up to you to pick your catch.
And it eats all the natural resources of our planet. And it shits garbages back to it, piss liquids polluting our streams, lacs and oceans, farts greenhouse gases, and burps radioactive clouds polluting the world durably.  
And that is only the external aspect. Now let's look at the inside of it. Because this beast has no life of it's own but is only the result of our doing. And our doing is related to our motivations. Our motivation come from our passions that are many and various but from which two can be distinguished: our greed to be rich and our pride to be the best and powerful. Our whole civilization is based on these two passions.
In th light of this, I can understand this Jesus guy saying that the best are the worst and the worst are really the best. Because to be the first of such terrifying society that praises pride and greed is to be the worst of mankind while all those so called 'losers' are prone to humbleness and generosity, tow qualities loved by the gods.

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