Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mr Yang and Mr Yin

Mr Yang is white. Mr Yin is black.
Mr Yang come from the sky and goes toward earth. Mr Yin come from earth, heading toward the sky.
Mr Yang come from everywhere to go to a point. Mr Yin come from a corner and goes everywhere.
Mr Yang is introverted while Mr Yin is open to the world.
Mr Yang always knows where he goes. When he leaves from point A, he always find his way to point B. Mr Yin, often get lost. When he leaves point A, he never knows if he will ever get to point B.
Mr Yang is a determined man who can sometime become stubborn. Mr Yin is an open minded man, full of uncertainties. 
Mr Yang rushes right to the goal. Mr Yin is often distracted by what surrounds him.
Mr Yang swims upstream. Mr Yin goes downstream. 
Mr Yang is orderly. Mr yin is not.
Mr Yang is often ahead with the winners, while Mr Yin is often left behind.
Mr Yang knows what is important. Mr Yin doesn't care about what is important.
Mr Yang would love to dominate the world. Mr Yin would prefer to embrace the world. 
Mr Yang will only rely upon himself, while Mr Yin will often ask for help.
Mr Yang goes to the point. Mr Yin is quite absorbed by details.
Mr Yang can be quite obtuse. Mr Yin is quite aware of his surrounding.
Mr Yang is aware of himself, while Mr Yin is not.
Mr Yang tend to become angry quite easily. Mr Yin will slip into fear a bit to often.
Anything else?
I like them both.

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