Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Intuition cannot be controlled, it slips into our mind. However, it can be expanded, not for long term period, but for a near future.

For those who have some, intuition rises up anytime. I am walking in the street, lost in my thoughts, suddenly a thought slips into my mind telling me that there will be no one home when I get there. Indeed, it's the case when I get home. This kind of intuition is called premonition. It changes according to our frame of mind. If we're confused and plagued with dark passions (such as greed, pride, and so on) it will seldom come into our mind and it signal will be weak. But, when the spirit sharpens, it comes more often in a more vivid way. Here is another example: I drive my car in town, then a thought tells me that, at the next intersection, a car will merge from the right. When I reach that crossroad, effectively a car merges from the right. These are small things, but if you let them come, they can lead to bigger ones.

The inner voice that speaks to our mind is another form of intuition. It tells us thing that will become true. It can reveal an occurrence in a near future, tells a hidden truth on a present event or shows a side of someone we hardly know (there is also the 'first impression' when you meet someone, that, if you dismiss it at first, will turn out to be true later on).
For those who study, the voice can be of great help. It will explain in a more synthetic way what being studied.
Sometime you have an insight emanating from the heart, so the voice helps to clarify it.

There is, however, a danger with the inner voice: our own desires or our own fears. If they are strong, they will submit the voice that will start lying to us and make us do stupid things... For the one who keeps a critical mind (toward himself/herself) the voice becomes a precious asset.
Because, you have to work on intuition and that takes time (sometime a lifetime) to make a prediction reading 100% accurate.
How to work on it? By working on you: stop lying to yourself and making up stories. Be ready to question yourself, to accept that you might be wrong, and have doubt (doubt is a double edged sword it's good in certain cases, but not in others).

Premonitory dreams are an expression of intuition. First, there is the pure premonitory dream: This is what will happen to you, if you keep going under that state of mind (in a good or bad ending).
Some dreams show us the way to follow: "This is where you are, and your path ends here. Here is where you must go, if you want to keep on going". 
premonitory dream generally shows a far away future that can be few years even sometime few decades away. It express itself in an indirect manner, using the second degree. It indicates what is to be changed in our life and what is to be worked on ourself (one working hand to hand with the other). 
How to recognize them from ordinary dreams? They are often (but not always) dreams that shows a trip (in a vehicle, a train, by foot, etc.). 

At last, when intuition become an integral part of ourself, it become our guide and shows us the way to follow, the things to do in order to achieve our objectives (short, medium or long range) that we set up in our life.

Intuition is a door to 'the other side', it can help us to develop other kind of powers (even thought, I don't think it's the best option to take). It can also help us in our quest of who we are, to better found ourself and then to let go so we can attain enlightenment. 

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