Saturday, December 12, 2015


What is love? It's a feeling that comes from the heart. Of course, we all know that.The most well-known is the love that two people express to one another. Now, since it's a feeling that fuels all other good feelings, it can be expressed in other fashions, love in a couple being the ultimate kind.
As it is easier to express for ordinary people like us, when we are in love, our whole body is vibrating with this feeling. Obviously, it is concentrated on a single person, the one we love. We then have to beware of the negative feeling such as possessiveness and jealousy that may result. After all, they are its indissociable byproduct : when two people are in love toward each other, they don't want to share themselves with others (for most people).
But the feeling is within us and then it become easier to use for other type of love.
So, what kind of love is there? First you have compassion which sometime can be expressed with pity (pity is often considered by many as a negative feeling). Conviviality, sympathy, and friendship are also expression shaded love different from couple's love. Tolerance (not indifference) a kind of detached love, affection (or love by touch, other than sexual) , impartiality (when you throw the arrow of truth, dip its head into honey), trust (in ourself, to others), being relaxed, because someone full of love is more relaxed than someone full of hatred. Generosity is also a kind of love. Joice and happiness are also expression of love (but not always). Respect is also an expression of love.

And for those who argue that you have to earn respect, I will ask them, if themselves are worth being respected. And for those who impose themselves by force and terror, well they are not respected, they are just feared. respect should not be imposed on anybody. Instead it should be given freely to everybody, to animals and even to things.

There is an infinity of expression of love and it would take a dictionary sized book to write them all. You can use your imagination to figure them out.

To whom do you give this love? Ideally to everybody. But realistically, it is hardly feasible. So you narrow your circle and start with those you know : wife (or husband), family, neighbors (a harder task), people you daily meet (shop's, bank's, government office's employees) and all the people you will stumble upon during your lifetime. So, by starting from a small circle you will expand it toward the bigger world. As you may guess, the easiest kind of love to use is conviviality.

How to develop love in ourself? There are many methods most preached by a different religions or philosophies which I will not discuss as most of you probably are aware of them. We all have love in ourselves.Those who are in love have a little more than others. I will talk about two methods among many others.

First is to be humble. Humility is a good deterrent against judging other and, therefor, to reject them. The most effective method is to question ourself: who am I to think that my beliefs are better than someone else's beliefs? It takes a lot of assiduity and persevering to fully know ourself. And it takes also a lot of courage: when we discover something wrong in ourself, we tend to freak out about it. The courage helps to accept what we are and to move on. It's the work of a lifetime (and it's never late to begin) that demand an intensive research, but that progressively teach us a lot about what we are.   

The second method is detachment (also a long process that can be started any time). This help avoiding envy, covetousness and jealousy that may result. It also help to lose the competitive mentality: No one is better than anybody else. Each of us follow his/her own path, his/her own destiny. Then, you discover that everybody is interesting and has something to teach you, so it become easier to respect them. It's the same for animals, plants and our Earth. we should look at them for what they are instead of looking at them as hunting games, livestock or natural resources to be exploited for the greatest benefit of our greed. 

As everybody knows love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is quite easy to get it, but it's hard to keep. To be able to, it has to be grown and developed.

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