Sunday, February 7, 2016

Motivation (or my lack of)

Motivation is run by enthusiasm in what we are doing in order to achieve a goal. Most of motivated people are aiming to climb the ladder of society (through the company they're employed in) and make more money.
We can also be motivated in a more altruistic way, by joining or creating a charity or a non-profit organization to help or introduce activities (such as art or sport) to fellow people.
I never was motivated. For a longtime I felt guilty for my lack of enthusiasm to do something. I simply did not know what to do. I could not climb the ladder of society and often would see youngsters quickly getting ahead of me. Was I a loser?
But deep within me, I only felt that I did not care about all this. I refused of course to admit it and was saying to myself that I had to succeed in life and become like everyone else. But I could not, because of my lack of motivation. Little by little, while analyzing the nature of this world as well as my own, I realized that, maybe, it was not such a bad thing. I was (and still am) detached. It was not important that others were better than me of had a better position into society: everyone follows his own path. By accepting what I was, I became less stressed: no need to run after success.
Those who can, rush toward money and glory. As for the others, they look at the former, admiring them, and following them, if they can.
The mass of motivated people is in perpetual motion to reach the last smart phone recently put on sale. Then they rush to buy the car of their fancy which they'll show with pride to their envious friends. They will need their house with the big flat television screen, the super washing machine full of electronics, the wonderful stove with integrated oven (that can become microwave), the super stereo, and so on.
They keep being informed on sport news, they know who is the last music star and are the first to see their concert. They manage to be the first to see the last Star Wars movie in 3D, that was advertised by all medias.
And so they oscillate from stars to the latest successes, quickly blunt, always looking for the thrill, but fearing danger. They follow the fashion, they're in on it, and they shine, thanks to their latest toy they recently got. They work like slaves and (for some of them) are getting into debt to keep it up. 
As for the ones who cannot keep up with this wild pace, they fall into the abyss of those who are forgotten, rejected by everybody, crying on their misery, sinking into desperation, alcohol, drug, insanity or suicide. 
Yet, if all these losers could realize, they are finally free from this mass of crazies rushing behind those pipe dreams, they would regain their souls and gain some serenity. 
Because 'selling your soul to the devil' isn't it selling it to our own passions sources of our motivation?

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