Thursday, February 25, 2016

The forest

Can you see the war that is raging out in this forest? The trees that are fighting one another to find their little spot under the sun?
How can you see traces of their fight? Their size and shape determine the history of their growth.

This tree (in the center of the picture) is big and strong. It's branches are spreading around. The space surrounding it, that lack other competitors, allowed it to grow that big and healthy. But look at the one standing at the front left of the photo. For it, life is harder, it still has to grow a lot, alongside that bigger tree (behind it) before pretending getting its share of sun rays.

This tree is quite alright. It grew straight, but had to bend its top a bit, because  the trees on the right would not let it through. A small price to pay to get its share of the sun.

Exchanging spots for more sun?

For that small tree (front slightly to the right), life is tough. I don't know if the big tree next to it will allow it to grow tall. But it tries, bending itself toward the light. Luckily, the forest is not too dense. I wonder how they manage to survive in denser forest?

For this one, it's even harder, having to grow diagonally to get the sun rays.

No, these two baby trees don't have any parents to protect and raise them. They'll have to grow alone. Fortunately, the forest is not too thick around there. 

For some, it's the end of the line. Too weak to keep up the struggle. 

And what about this one? Life is not always easy for a tree.

As for humans, trees also get sick, even if, it occurs in a different way.  
Now, do you believe, all these to be facts of life? Who cares. It's just a little tale about trees, I shared with you. I hope you enjoyed it.

The end

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