Monday, March 7, 2016


The spirit/Time concept is a personal concept drawn from different books, such as 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead', 'The Birth of the Gods' from Hesiod, and learning from a friend, who practiced longtime, Hinduism. This and a lot of inspiration (coming from my intuition). 

As a result, I came with a vision of this world, which I put in a book: Philippe Durieux's Strange Holiday, a fiction story.

The concept of Spirit/Time talk about first:


The History of mankind is a Cycle. Imagine a world completely covered by an ocean with absolutely no land. The ocean is the spirituality. Land represent ignorance and selfishness that divide the spiritual unity. 
In the beginning the ocean covers the whole world without a single land. But, its level begins to lower. This gradual shrinking is called regression. At the end of the Gold Age, the first land emerge like  small island. Shape is taking place. In the Silver Age, that single island is getting bigger and smaller island emerge all around the world, in the Bronze Age, small continents are spreading all around the world. The Heroes Age (the second half of the Bronze Age) the continents are larger than the water bodies, big lakes appear. In the Iron Age the body of land is predominating and the waters are just shrinking lakes. Ignorance is at its highest. This is a time of confusion, were we forgot about what we are and rely too much on what we built (like a handicap, needs his wheelchair). 
The end should see a deserted dry land, devoid of any moist. But, as a plant grows on the surrounding putrefaction of ignorance, using it as fertilizer, spirituality will grow back flooding the world again, preparing it for the next Cycle. 


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