Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wealth and glory

When I hear our dear politicians saying how much poverty is the enemy of humanity, that makes me smile.

I believe wealth is the real adversary of mankind. It's the  man's greed, man's covetousness' prerogative. Do you really think we fight for religious reasons or for political ideologies? No! These are just excuses we make. We fight for territorial conquests. And if those territories are fertile or have natural resources, in short if they are prone to produce wealth, o, how much do we covet them even more. 

And that is the second reason why we fight.

The main reason being for glory by domination: pride's prerogative. And what is pride? I am the best. And since I'm the greatest I am meant to rule the rest of you.
And my family is the best of all families: this is when you see the rise of those dynasties that created the nobility of lords, merchants or usurers.
Then, the area where I'm from is the nicest. Then, my village or my city is the most wonderful. I cannot help myself to remember those football fans fighting among themselves because the team of their beloved city was loosing the game. The region from where I am is simply the best.
Then my country is the greatest, which leads to patriotism and nationalism.
My people are simply the most wonderful, which can lead to xenophobia.
Then, I have the best civilization (and by this I mean the culture we created, our way of living, the laws and the constitution we made, our traditions, our moral values and so forth). Back then, when the Europeans were colonizing the world, they were justifying: "We're going to civilize those savages". These same Europeans calling themselves now westerners and thinking that their values are 'universal'.
Of course they were not the first and the only reason they behave this way is because they are the strongest. If another race had conquered the world, they would have behaved the same: it"s human nature.
Then my race is the best, leading to racism.
Finally the god I believe in, the religion I follow is the only true one, leading to religious fanaticism. But of course, it's not a question of religion, just a question of pride.

Wealth and power are the two main evils of this world. Suppress them and you will take away from mankind the two real reasons why it fights since the beginning of time. And the wars will cease, and criminality will disappear, and nature will prevail again.

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